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Do you miss having healthy, natural-looking hair? Hair loss is something that happens to millions of people throughout the world, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. But if baldness is having a negative impact on your life, the team at Aspen Hair Restoration can provide solutions for you. There have been many spectacular breakthroughs in the hair restoration industry in recent years, making it safer, easier, and longer-lasting. We utilize all the available options to help you find the hair replacement service that will best fit your needs. By using actual hair transplants from another part of your head, we can effectively treat the areas that are experiencing hair loss. The costs of hair restoration are relatively inexpensive and will help enact positive changes in your appearance and self-image. The staff at Aspen HairRestoration is trained to provide our clients with the best hair restoration experience they can find in the Salt Lake City area. We have helped numerous individuals through our treatments and we are ready to help you too.

Historically, a proactive approach to regain a great head of hair was as frustrating—and sometimes as humiliating—as the hair loss itself. It gives great comfort to know that state-of-the-art techniques in reputable hands are available for hair replacement.

Our medical professionals are among the leaders in hair loss replacement. Dr. Peterson was instrumental in pioneering many of the procedures now used by doctors world-wide. Patients the world over have benefitted from the “Natural Look,” and have enthusiastically recommended our services to friends and acquaintances.

Our reputation is built upon attending to your desires personally, and by adhering to the three goals of hair restoration: (1) patient comfort, (2) correct coverage, and (3) artistic design. Quality care, attention to detail, the integrity of physicians and staff, a your personal commitment to the program that has been outlined will assure the optimum results you have sought.

Hair restoration surgery remains the only permanent solution. And, at AHR, you never have to settle for “generic” work. Personalized counseling helps evaluate your individual needs, desires, and expectations, provides recommendations for treatment, and outlines a realistic personal program.

Hair restoration procedures have come a long way—and so can you!

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